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Very Important Notice: Gift ov life Policy for reserving a donor

We respectfully ask that you be aware of our policy as regards reserving a donor.
In an effort to remain fair to all our recipients, the least of which includes your search for a donor, a donor is only confirmed as reserved for you once:
  1. you have advised us, in writing, of your intention to select a specific donor,
  2. that we have confirmed the donor is available and able to donate for you at that time and
  3. we have received our match fee into our bank account or received your proof of payment.
Should you be interested in reserving a specific donor, please advise us immediately that we may ensure that you have first right of refusal, for 48 hours, pending your decision to ask her to donate for you. In our experience the above is the fairest protocol and we thank you in advance for your understanding.

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