Egg Donor Application with Gift ov Life

There are a number of ways in which you can apply to become an egg donor:
  1. Call us on 021 439 8823 / 0861 736394 during office hours
  2. Send us a Whatsapp to 072 887 1495
  3. Apply online, (below)

Apply to become an Egg Donor

Please complete the quick and simple Gift ov life Egg Donor Application, and we will contact you with further information and details.

Who can become an egg donor.

  • A female
  • Aged between 19 to 32,
  • Be of any race
  • Be healthy
  • Not have any fertility issues
  • Based anywhere in South Africa

Please note: Donors are required to avail themselves for clinic appointments which may be early in the mornings or during
the day, during working hours.
A donor will also need to be available for one for full day on the donation date, which may be on a weekday.

Need help?
If you need any assistance, please contact us on